CIA Spy Explains The Likelihood of An EMP Attack in the United States

CIA Spy Explains The Likelihood of An EMP Attack in the United States

In a recent video on the Shawn Ryan clips channel, the discussion revolved around Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) and their potential catastrophic impact.

EMPs, generated through nuclear detonations or focused energy weapons, possess the ability to neutralize electronic devices and disrupt communication systems. A high-altitude nuclear detonation has the potential to create a widespread EMP, affecting a large area.

The video emphasized the possibility of EMP attacks being preceded by cyber warfare to disable defenses and create chaos. Despite the United States' relative resilience to EMP attacks due to its size, shielding, and diverse infrastructure, the devastating effects on civilian populations could lead to societal collapse.

Drawing parallels to global events, such as Ukraine's increased support for President Zelensky during wartime, the video highlighted how common external threats can unite divided societies. However, concerns were raised regarding the current divisive political climate in the US and its potential impact on the nation's ability to unite against a common enemy.

In essence, the video underscored the urgent need for preparedness and unity in the face of the looming threat posed by EMP attacks, emphasizing the critical importance of safeguarding against potential societal collapse and ensuring collective resilience.

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